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MapOnMap supports Track Navigation and can use GPX files as tracks.

From Android 10, files like GPX has to be opened in two steps. First you need to give the app access to the folder where the track file is stored, before you can select the file and open it. Please note that there might also be restrictions on which folders can be shared to the app. Make sure you have stored the track in the correct folder.

First you need to give access to the folder.First you need to give access to the folder.Then you can open the file.
First you need to give access to the folder.

Files with errors

Sometimes track files may contain errors. These errors are displayed in a warning dialog. Even if there are errors, MapOnMap always tries to read the file best as possible.

An example of a warning dialog.

Non continuous track

GPX files are built up by one or several segments. If a new segment does not start where the previous one ends you might get a track that looks like the one below.

An example of a non continuous track file.

It is common with track files where the track gets split up because of missing location updates. Normally it is useful to show these gaps anyway, and therefore it is drawn with a thin line to make out the difference. These gaps are also normally included in the track length, which is reasonable if it is caused by a location update loss. It gives a length result closer to the truth even if the gap is counted as a straight line. The cases in this section, the length will be counted wrong. But an example of case where it should be included you find in the recording example, Missing Location Updates.

Note that non continuous track like the one above can easily be corrected. See more in the Edit Track - Edit segments section.

Using gaps as a part of a track is not always correct. Let's say that if you have a GPX file, that instead of describing a single path from start to end, it describes a network of different options, like a road network. Then the different segments in the file should not be treated as they are connected and the distance between them should not be included in the length calculation. To get this behavior you need to make a change in the settings. Untick the "Continuous track" check box.

A track with nine segments. In this case there is no obvious start and end, so there are therefore no point of combining them a continuous track.

Track Geofence

With the Track Geofence Service you will be notified with a voice message if you get too far off the track. When this service is turned on there will be checks made in the background. If the distance gets larger than the permitted deviation, you will receive a voice message telling you the distance to the track.

The Geofence notifies you when you go too far off the track.

Background Location Permission
Please note that the Geofence service needs Background Location Permission. This to prevent android from closing the service soon as you turn the screen of to put the phone in the pocket. Which of course would counteract the purpose of the service.

Explanation about Background Location Permission

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